TAFE vs University? Know the facts and decide

TAFE; technical and further education is emerging as a new hope for the students. It arises a question on the existence of University. We always think a University degree is essential if you want to have a bright future. Hence, a debate about TAFE vs University is one of the hot topics in Australia. does not advocate either for university or TAFE, it is all up to you to decide. With the help of this blog we just try to eradicate the myth only a university degree can give you the certainty of your career. You can earn money even holding a certificate III of TAFE. Now, University isn’t the only option you are able to take professional courses, TAFE offers professional courses across Australia.

It is not hidden from anyone that more than half of the population having a bachelor’s degree from a university but how many people are really successful? If we have a look at the employment ratio it is not that good. Whereas TAFE provides vocational education after completion of your course you will capable to do a job. You do not need to put extra effort as you already learned the skill of the workplace during your TAFE coursework.

How to decide either university is the best for you or TAFE?

It totally depends on what course you want to pursue. If you say you want to be a doctor, then a university medical college is the best choice for you. But you hope to be a trader TAFE is a clear curt decision.

The very first thing that should be clear in your mind that is what are you looking for?  TAFE courses target skills required in the workplace so you can walk into job place and definitely get the job you deserve. While a graduate from a university is more likely to practice the skills on the job training.

With this blog, we are trying to attain your attention towards the importance of TAFE. TAFE can be a better opportunity for those who left their studies in the middle of the school because of money or other issues. Hence, you do not need to worry you can complete your studies and learn other skills at very low fees and also avail TAFE assignment help. And, any age group of students can join the TAFE.

Let’s have a glimpse of the deciding factors of what is the best University or TAFE?

University v/s TAFE:

  1. Get vocational education:

If you pursue a TAFE coursework, then you are more likely to be well-placed. Because TAFE is all about providing those skills and experience required in the business or job.

If you are in a university, then you may need to learn some extra skills after done your degree. It is not the same in all courses. In fact, many students get the best placement from their campus but very few students can do that. While TAFE gives a guaranteed job offer.

Several studies show that the rate of employment is higher with TAFE coursework rather than a university.

2. Do not need to face the entrance exam:

TAFE is more accessible, you do not need an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) to get an admission in any course of TAFE. You do not even need to have completed high school. Those students also will have a place at TAFE who scored very less. While the criteria of a university are totally different from TAFE. If you want to take admission in a good university then you have to clear particular merit which generally goes very high. Many students can’t hit that much merit and they have to wait for next year’s entrance exam or take a place in a university that doesn’t have a value

3. TAFE is more cheaper than a University:

Universities’ cost is rapidly increasing day by day. Especially private university is not accessible for the mid-income group students. And in the government-affiliated university is not an easy task to get an admission. As there is intense competition for a seat and seats are also less.

TAFE institutes allow those students who can’t afford sky-high fees of universities. Its fees will remain the same because it is regulated and funded by the government. These institutes are running with the motive of education for all so it has to be very affordable

4. You will complete your education faster than Universities:

Usually, a university takes a minimum of three years for completing your course. Whereas from the TAFE institute you can take six months to two years for done your course. The sooner, you complete your course the faster, you will start earning.

5. Get more salary :

Numerous surveys show that TAFE graduates get better salaries and have a better workplace than university graduates. Even many studies believe that TAFE is for earning while the university is for learning.

No wonder, why TAFE is becoming the first choice of many students. You can clearly see TAFE is a much better option for you. Still stuck in the debate of TAFE vs University; you can look at some statistics which are collected by our TAFE coursework helper from many survey reports done by Australia. It might help you to adopt the best mode of learning.

Data analysis;

According to an Australian report, TAFE graduates getting ten percent higher employment than university graduates. Even they get a hike in the average salary of around 100 to 106% University. University graduates take 3+ years to complete their degree while 50% of graduates of TAFE complete their degree faster than University. In the upcoming years, 80 to 90 % of the highest growth jobs only need TAFE graduates.

Data anaylsis of TAFE graduates

Now, you can clearly see the difference. By analyzing this data you are able to choose the best option for you.


When you compare all over points regarding TAFE vs. University. The winner will be the TAFE on many essential points. TAFE is more accessible to the students. It is quite affordable in comparison to the university. It ensures a better workplace for TAFE graduates. One of the main reasons the popularity of TAFE is, it is approachable to mature age students too. It offers many courses for the working students they do not need to quit their job. Along with the job they can easily enrol in any course of TAFE which is suitable for them.

Apart from it, the most important thing is you need to do work hard to get the desired job whether you pursuing University or TAFE. For this, you should focus on your academics and complete your assignment on time. If you need help, then you get our TAFE assignment help from experts. They provide you the best service as we have experts who are highly knowledgeable. You can avail of services at very nominal prices and get high-quality work. If you are looking for some kind of assignment help, then you can rely on us.

Thank you!