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TAFE Vs University! Know The Facts and Decide

Now that you have completed your school journey, you will find yourself thinking about something big. The question is where do you see yourself after school. Therefore, think carefully about things like a subject which is going to affect your career future. Moreover, people generally think of going to universities. However, it cannot cater to the need of multiple interests and personalities of people or the employment market. Hence, the decision of choosing between university and TAFE should be made carefully considering passion and futuristic hopes. Furthermore, while friends and family can help you in this, here is a blog of My Assignment HelpLine playing their part.

Here, you need to understand a basic thing, if you are looking to learn a trade, TAFE is for you but if you want to be a doctor, nothing can help better than a university. Moreover, if you are into practical and want a study environment that is supportive, you have TAFE. But if you are someone who wants to learn in-depth, do research, and enjoy learning, then you have the university. Similarly, there are many things that make TAFE vs university stands on two boats. Therefore, you need to understand your requirements and choose the right for yourself. Let’s read the blog to understand more of it.

TAFE Vs University: Earning and Learning

We are well aware of the fact that TAFE is a place that promotes vocational education and training. Hence, if you are looking to find a job and earn good money, then TAFE is the best. Michaela Cash says that “university is for learning, VET is for earning.” Moreover, it is absolutely right and makes sense. TAFE vs university has always been a matter of discussion among students. Hence, we will help you understand it better today. Students who are VET graduates spend less time and money on their qualifications and earn higher salaries with better job prospects. Moreover, if you are aiming to achieve financial success then TAFE courses are your way to go. Also, the report shows that people consider TAFE as a better option.

TAFE Vs University: A difference

In addition to this, any university degree requires a minimum of 3 years of full-time education. Whilst, TAFE qualifications can be completed within 6 months to two years. Moreover, in comparison to university courses, TAFE courses are cheaper and budget-friendly. Furthermore, for government-subsidised students, fees are often heavily reduced. Also, while enrolling yourself in TAFE you do not even need to finish high school.

Of course, the education we get at university has its place. However, not everyone can afford it. Moreover, for students who want to learn and pursue a field of knowledge, the university is a great gateway to the wider world of education. Furthermore, employment cannot only be determined with your choice of TAFE vs university. But it depends on the subject. Also, industries that are in-demand such as IT will always have better job options for you. However, no matter where you go in the race of TAFE vs university, assignments are never going to leave your way. Therefore, never forget to ask experts to do my assignment in Australia when in need. Furthermore, if you want to walk the traditional path of university to a job, go for university. But, if you want to learn work-ready skills, TAFE is waiting for you.

TAFE Vs University: Qualification and Funding

Let us read about the qualification and funding process of TAFE vs university.


When it comes to funding, TAFE courses are restrictive. Moreover, in TAFE funding is determined by the institution you study through or the type of your course. Hence, you can check about students’ loans if your course is funded or not. Furthermore, in this race of TAFE vs university, this is the right spot for you if you are looking for trade. Because there are multiple course options available to choose from such as certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, degrees, etc. Moreover, courses that come under the college domains are hair and beauty, mechanical trade, real estate, music and performance, etc.


University allows students to access higher education contribution schemes. Moreover, in this scheme, you can collect your fee in the loan account and can return it once you start earning through the Australian taxation system. In addition to this, certain companies require a university degree to provide you with the job. For example, if you want to work in a big advisory firm, they will require a degree to offer you qualified roles. However, in the changing time, firms require university degrees to recruit you under university graduates. Moreover, they do not care what you have studied in the university because they have a wide range of disciplines to offer job you in. Furthermore, there is a prestige factor with the degree of the university. However, employers nowadays are doing hiring keeping the attitude and ability in mind. Hence, with the help of good assignment help, you can win over your grades and prepare yourself for a good career. Eventually, your qualification and college don’t impact much but how well you have won over your hiring manager as a person does.

Also, don’t worry if you don’t know the right between TAFE vs university. Because you can always move sideways in another course.

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TAFE Vs University: Comparison of Multiple Factors

For some students their pathways to their academic career are clear. Moreover, for becoming a doctor you would choose university whilst for a hands-on profession, you would choose TAFE. However, the pathways can be confusing for some students. Therefore, given below is a comparison of TAFE vs university to encourage your choice.

TAFE Vs University: Skills

TAFE and other organisations that provide vocational learning help you develop job-specific skills. Moreover, these are generally practical skills. Furthermore, work placement comes as a part of their education. Therefore, we can say that TAFE prepares you to enter the market of jobs immediately. On the other hand, the teaching style at university is always theoretical. Moreover, at university, you are likely to develop skills like critical thinking, deep analysis skills, etc. Also, any bachelor’s degree is designed in a way that puts you on a path or professional career. Additionally, universities do not always promise job placement. As a student, you need to look for independent internships or you can learn job skills once the course end.

However, the report says that with the help of vocational courses graduates comes out more job-ready. Moreover, it also says that 64% of students think that their degree from a university is not enough and does not equip them with skills that are needed in the workplace.

TAFE Vs University: Employability

In the present time, vocational courses of TAFE are in trend and even the government is endorsing it. As per the report, we found that the skills students are learning in TAFE are higher in demand in the country. Moreover, here is the list of jobs that are in demand these days.

  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Social assistance
  • Retail trade
  • Education and training
  • Professional, technical and scientific services

However, we cannot forget that a university degree also has its place. Moreover, for jobs like law and engineering you need to have a university degree. Also, as we have studied earlier how assignments always play an important role even if it is TAFE or university. However, you need not worry much about it. You can always seek instant assignment help. Moreover, in the struggle of TAFE vs university, you should never lose your grades and credits. Also, assignment help services assist you in keeping your grades top-notch and making your performance better.

TAFE Vs University: Course Structure

The major course structure difference is that TAFE has standardized courses whilst universities have courses as per their institution. Moreover, the reason why TAFE have a standardized course structure is that they follow a nationally endorsed and industrial development training package. On the other hand, the university has a wide range of vivid courses. For example, a bachelor of business can have different names and different unit requirements in different universities.

TAFE Vs University: Accessibility

Generally getting into TAFE is much easier than getting into a university. In the race of TAFE vs university, TAFE is highly accessible. Moreover, in comparison to university, it has fewer requirements for the entry process. Furthermore, if you are thinking of getting into TAFE at certificate level then you need no education prior. However, there are certain diploma courses that ask for past study. Also, there are certain tests, interviews, portfolios, and auditions that you need to clear in order to get into some courses of higher level. On the other hand, the university requires certain scores or tests to let you enter. Moreover, you need to fulfil the minimum entry requirement. Furthermore, there are certain bridging courses offered by the university that ranges from 6 months to 1 year. Therefore, you need your year 12 certificate if you want to get into the bridging course.

TAFE Vs University: Length of Study

Length of study is very important. Moreover, this is the main factor that plays a crucial role for students in choosing the right from TAFE vs university. Furthermore, one can complete TAFE qualifications on a semester basis as they have various short courses available offline and online. Moreover, depending on the type of course, there are different lengths of study at TAFE ranging from 4 months to 2 years. In addition to this, you can enrol yourself in TAFE semesters that runs from February to December. Also, you can get work experience here. In case of any academic support, you can always seek assistance from assignment help Sydney. On the other hand, to complete a bachelor’s degree at any university you need to spend 3 years or more. Also, the university generally offers full-time courses that run from March to November.

TAFE Vs University: Cost

As far as the cost of TAFE courses is concerned, it ranges from AUD$400 to $22,000 annually. On the other hand, the average cost of any bachelor’s degree is over AUD$30,000 per semester. Moreover, the costs at TAFE might vary on course and institution. Hence, check with the provider directly if you are interested in a course. Furthermore, the payment options at TAFE can be an up-front or flexible payment. In addition to this, there are concessions on student fees. On the other hand, university courses can be expensive and there are no subsidies unless you have a scholarship. However, you can always apply for HELP debt. It provides you with a zero-interest loan and allows you to pay when you start earning.

TAFE Vs University: Learning Environment

You are likely to find a similar learning environment both at TAFE and university. Moreover, some of their common features are given below.

  • Huge campuses
  • Big classes
  • Multiple cohorts
  • Variety of trainers

Now, you can choose the right environment for yourself. Moreover, TAFE vs university will always be a confusing topic but you need to look for the case that suits your requirement the most. In addition to this, always look for services like student support, mentoring programs, and language and literacy assistance before enrolling yourself.


There are various careers that you can step into irrespective of the place you study, TAFE, college, or university. Some of these careers are business, health, design, management, accounting, and IT. Moreover, TAFE and college both can take you to a university degree. Furthermore, in the option of TAFE vs university, you can either choose one or choose both. Additionally, when it comes to choices for qualification, you have a plethora of options available. Therefore, always do your research, meet people who have already done the course you are thinking of, seek advice and choose the best for yourself. Moreover, it is also important that you look for the benefits at the institution such as student programs, internships, work-related learning, and so on. Therefore, after research choose the right institution that will take you where you want to be while enjoying the process of learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. 1 What is the difference between TAFE and University?
Answer. 1 The higher education offering is different in TAFE and University. Moreover, the university focuses more on theoretical knowledge whilst TAFE is focused on hands-on and real-world skills.
Question. 2 Which gets better-paying jobs, TAFE or University?
Question. 2 Undoubtedly, TAFE graduates are earning more.

By Karen Sheemet

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