How can you take help with TAFE India Courses

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As you know Australia is always the first choice of international students. Its education system is very innovative or creative. Many students dream to be studied in Australian universities or institutes. Unfortunately, Very few students are able to fulfil their dream because everyone can’t afford overseas education. TAFE Australia can be a great option for those students who want to be an Australian student.

Yes, you heard right. Now you will not have to sacrifice your dream because TAFE is more accessible and cheaper than universities in Australia. TAFE Institutes funded by the government so it has to keep their fees always low. It is very beneficial for those students also who want to be a part of Australian education but afraid to leave their homes. With the arrival of TAFE Australia in India, this problem has been resolved.

Inception of TAFE

Like any other student, Indian students also have a dream to study in top Australian university. More than half of the Indian population belongs to the mid-income group, they are not capable to acquire overseas education. India-Australia education tie built a bridge on this gap.

TAFE is emerging as one of the most- favoured education programs. It provides the skills and knowledge required in your workplace. In 2015, Australian Prime Minister Christopher Pyne visited India and signed a memorandum of understanding with our former education minister Mrs. Smriti Irani. The recognition of Australian pathways and foundation courses in the vocational education training sector by India was a big step for Indian students who want to return to work in India or take up further studies. Pyne said, “Recognition of qualifications from Australia in the pathways and technical and further education streams provide flexibility to both Indian students as well as Australian students.”

With this partnership things made quite feasible for Indian students. Then to now many Australian based TAFE institutes have open in India. So Indian students could have vocational education with their academics.

Some TAFE institutes in India are listed below:

  • Kangan institute Maharashtra, India.
  • Metropolitan South institute of TAFE, India.
  • Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, India.
  • Challenger institute of TAFE, India.
  • Holmesgien Institute of TAFE, India.
  • Polytechnic west, India.
  • TAFE NSW Sydney institute-India.

These Australian based institutes allow students to take admission in any course. As they provide more than a hundred plus courses like TAFE engineering course, nursing, child care, polytechnic, beauty and designing, interior, trade course, building and construction, management and many more. Hence, the problem of overseas education has been resolved but when you do your assignment you still get a headache.

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