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We all know that ecology is a study that describes the relationship of living organisms to their physical environment. It also includes humans. Moreover, ecology is a good way to understand the connections of animals and plants to the world that surrounds them. Also, ecology informs us about the benefits of the ecosystem. Moreover, it teaches us how to use the resources of earth rightfully. People who are involved in ecology are known as ecologists. Generally, they do research and analysis of the collected data. Furthermore, they provide reports on the issues of the environment. You can also be an ecologist if you pursue ecology as your career. This is a blog by My Assignment Help Line to inform you more about ecology, its importance, related courses at TAFE, job opportunities, etc.

Ecology at TAFE

According to TAFE, ecology is a matter of interest among students around the world. Moreover, a degree in ecology is a growing trend. As discussed earlier, the centre of concentration of ecology is on the study of living organisms. Alongside, it includes the environment. TAFE also suggests that students having a degree in ecology have multiple opportunities in jobs. Furthermore, ecology has different areas in which students can do a specialization. These ecological areas include biodiversity, conservation biology, aquatic ecology, and taxonomy. Hence, you can choose any specialization in ecology at TAFE and step towards a better career.

As a subject discipline, the nature of ecology is descriptive and experimental. Moreover, it is inclusive of various methods from other disciplines as well. For example, math, geology, and physiology. However, you can face issues with your academic paper during your study period in ecology at TAFE. In such a situation, you can contact services for assignment help in Australia. Because experts at these services would assist you in the best way possible.  

The study program in ecology at TAFE is a blend of lectures with field practice. Moreover, they let you learn data collection and lab research. Also, it teaches you to understand the environmental system’s principles to apply them to management issues in the real world. Furthermore, you would not find ecology as a course at TAFE but it has related courses in the category animal, agriculture, and environmental studies.

Branches of Ecology

On the basis of different criteria, ecology can be divided into sub-disciplines. Moreover, some of these fields are connected to each other whilst some work in isolation. Also, let us read about some of these specializations of ecology.

  • First is applied ecology. This is the practice of understanding principles of ecology and applying it to the real-world problems.
  • Next is biogeochemistry. This division of ecology talks about the impact of biota on global chemistry. Moreover, it talks about matter and energy. Furthermore, it helps in the transportation of earth’s chemical component in space and time.
  • Another branch of ecology is biogeography that talks about the geographic distribution of species.
  • In order to lessen the risk of extinction from species we have conservation ecology.
  • Ecological succession has its focus on the change in vegetation.
  • Furthermore, we have evolutionary ecology. Any evolutionary change that comes in the population and communities is discussed in this branch.
  • Next is functional ecology. It talks about the roles and functions of certain species in an ecosystem.
  • The study of ecosystems in urban areas is studied under urban ecology.
  • Similarly, the ecology of pedosphere is called soil ecology.
  • Global ecology examines ecology on the largest scale possible.
  • The branch of ecology that discusses micro-organisms is called microbial ecology.
  • Marine and aquatic ecology studies about water environment.

Moreover, there are other branches of ecology as well such as restoration ecology and paleoecology.

Importance of Learning Ecology at TAFE

Today, the study of ecology is essential. Because it ensures that people understand the importance of the environment. Moreover, to tell them about the impact of their actions on the planet. Nowadays, every country is focusing on the rapidly changing environment. Hence, they are running many programs like the Kyoto protocol, Ramsar conference (related to conservation of wetlands), and many more. Also, a few countries are taking some important steps like odd-even formula, carbon credit. Therefore, learning ecology at TAFE would tell you more about the importance of ecology to the environment.

Today, growing global warming is a major concern. Hence, we all should contribute towards the preservation of this planet. So, the study of ecology is essential. Additionally, in case of any academic need for assignment help in Sydney, you can contact us.

Reasons why ecology is important:

  • Ecology helps us to understand every detail about the environment. Moreover, with this knowledge, we would know about our actions that can wrong impact on the planet or our surroundings.
  • Additionally, students get to know about the importance of organisms. Furthermore, it helps us in understanding that how every organism has a contribution in creating a web of connectivity. And, how each organism has a different role in the food chain.
  • Students will understand the value of energy conservation by studying ecology. Moreover, excess use of fuel increases the carbon footprint which upgrades global warming. So, energy conservation is necessary for a sustainable development.
  • Ecology contributes in sustainable development which means humans should use the resources as per their requirement not in excessive amounts. So that resources can save for our upcoming generation.
  • It promotes an eco-friendly environment.

Courses Offered by TAFE Under Ecology

As mentioned above, it is likely that you might not get a course directly for ecology at TAFE. However, there are areas under which TAFE offer courses that would lead you to a good career pathway in ecology.

Environmental Studies Courses

Our society is now understanding the value of living and working sustainably. However, with this understanding, the demand for environmental expertise has increased. For those who are passionate about the planet, environmental studies courses are the best. Moreover, these courses under ecology at TAFE involves management, protection, restoration, and monitoring biological and physical changes. Hence, studying in this sector is nothing else but playing a crucial role in nature’s restoration.


With environmental conservation skills, you can work in any industry. Moreover, as you can see the increasing challenges on our resources and environment, the course is highly in demand. Hence, with this course, add some conservation skills to your existing career and give it a boost.

  • Conservation and Land Management Certificate II
  • Diploma of Sustainable Practice
  • Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management 
  • Laboratory Skills Certificate III
  • Statement of Attainment in Chainsaw Operations – Trim and Cut
  • Diploma of Conservation and Land Management
  • Statement of Attainment in Agricultural Chemical Skill Set


Be it a foundation certificate in sustainability or any professional qualification, TAFE has facilities that would connect you to the industry. Here, you would get to learn about sustainable technologies and environmental regulations.

  • Statement of Attainment in Agricultural Chemical Skill Set
  • Diploma of Sustainable Practice
  • Statement of Attainment in Chainsaw Operations – Trim and Cut

Water and Waste

When it comes to a career in water and wastewater, the range is huge. Moreover, it involves planning assets management, and engineering. Hence, we can say that this is a career of huge potential.

  • Water Industry Operations Certificate III
  • Certificate III in Water Industry Operations (Networks)
  • Diploma of Laboratory Technology
  • Water Industry Treatment (Drinking Water) Certificate III 

Natural Resources Courses

If you are looking for a career in natural resource management then the excitement is waiting for you. Moreover, at TAFE you can get courses that are nationally recognized. Also, the course will help you get upskilled. Furthermore, the course is related to the needs of the industry.


With the help of the courses in extraction offered by TAFE, you can include a focus on safety.

Forestry and Sawmilling

Forestry and Sawmilling courses at TAFE will give you a career where you can focus on safety and sustainability. Moreover, you will learn some hands-on skills.

  • Certificate II in Sawmilling and Processing
  • Harvesting and Haulage Certificate III
  • Certificate IV in Forest Operations

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Land Management

TAFE offers land management courses with which you can develop a pathway to a career. Moreover, it has nothing to do with your level of experience.

  • Conservation and Land Management Certificate II
  • Statement of Attainment in Adventure and Ecotourism
  • Diploma of Sustainable Practice
  • Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites Work
  • Statement of Attainment in Farm Tractors
  • Conservation and Land Management Certificate III
  • Diploma of Laboratory Technology (Biological and Environmental Testing)
  • Statement of Attainment in Chainsaw Operations – Trim and Cut
  • Certificate III in Laboratory Skills
  • Natural Area Restoration Certificate III
  • Diploma of Conservation and Land Management 
  • Statement of Attainment in Agricultural Chemical Skill Set

Moreover, while pursuing any of the aforementioned courses, if you face any problem with academics, you can get instant assignment help.

Job Opportunities with a Degree in Ecology at TAFE

If you are someone who interestingly wants to know about the relationship of organisms then ecology at TAFE is the best course for you. Moreover, irrespective of your reason to pursue education in ecology at TAFE, working in the sector would be interesting. Furthermore, this is an opportunity for you to know about different organisms and their relationships. Also, with the knowledge, you can give enormous benefits to the environment as a whole. Therefore, if all of these is fascinating for you, then start your qualification in ecology at TAFE today. And step towards a wonderful career. Given below is the list of a few job designations that you can get once you are done with your qualification of ecology at TAFE.

  • Field ecologist
  • Natural resource manager
  • Environmental protection specialist
  • Marine biologist
  • Park naturalist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Restoration ecologist
  • Nature conservation officer
  • Marine scientist
  • Soil scientist
  • Environmental manager
  • Water quality scientist

Also, read our blog on food science and technology at TAFE. Moreover, if any of the aforementioned jobs are appealing to you, pursue a course in ecology at TAFE. Furthermore, these options can help you work easily in the government and private sectors.

How My Assignment Help Line Can Assist You in Studying Ecology At TAFE?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question. 1 Are ecology jobs in demand?
Answer. 1. Yes, ecology careers always remain in demand. Moreover, change in climate, energy sector, etc has always been a matter of interest among students. Hence, their activism is a major reason behind the demand for ecology jobs.
Question. 2. Does NASA hire environmental scientists?
Answer. 2. You can be a part of the office and fieldwork if you want to work as an environmental scientist at NASA.

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