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How to write CDR Report Australia?

Competency demonstration report (CDR) is a document which assures students skills and knowledge as an engineer. Also, demonstrate whether their skills as an engineer meet the standard criteria of Australia or not. Engineers Australia(EA) assesses your CDR before deciding whether you are capable of getting into the occupational category you are applying for or not.  It is set of several forms and basic approval of immigration to Australia.

CDR report writing can be a very tricky task for those students who don’t have any kind of knowing how to write  CDR report. Being Australia’s best my assignment help provider we are here with a complete guide for CDR report writing. We are going to explain this report writing in a very effective manner. Just follow this blog and resolve all your queries related to the topic. 

What is the CDR report writing?

 As we can see CDR  is the most important factor of your Australian skilled migration application so you should not be complacent with your CDR report writing.  You should try to make your  CDR report impressive and error-free. If you feel any kind of issue while making Australia report you can take help from the experts who have good knowledge of CDR report writing. An ideal CDR report includes highlights of your career growth and achievements. 

Writing Your CDR


For writing an effective CDR report you should know all the procedure and steps involved in  CDR report writing. If you are writing CDR report you must make it free from any kind of error because the poorly written report can kill your chances of getting an Australian skilled migration visa. So,  follow all the guideline carefully while writing.

Know the requirements

Before starting to write up for CDR report you must have a complete understanding of all the requirement that is essential for your CDR report. Follow all the integrity which is suggested in the MSA  migration skill assessment booklet. This is basically a  booklet which has a lot of guidelines and set of rule that students should follow. It is updated by EA. 

Know what you are applying for

Clearly mention the engineering occupation for which you are applying. You would need to write the content in your CDR report accordingly.  You can also apply for an engineering manager profile. For this, you need to go through the essential competencies required for making an application request. 

Things to Include In Your CDR

Continuous Professional Development

Once you are done with your research about CDR report writing then you can start drafting your continuous professional development list.  It is a list where you explain everything you have done to keep up with the changes in your field, after completing your graduation in engineering. 

The list may include the following:

  • Your study details of post-graduation
  • Books, journals or manuals you studied to gain more knowledge about the field
  •  Number of conferences you have attended till date
  •  All of your volunteering work which you have successfully accomplished during your engineering profession
  •  The study material that you  represented in various course work
  •  Workshop seminar technical meeting short term course and discussion you attended during your general

3 Career Episodes

With the help of career episode, We show our growth as an engineer basically it is 2000 to 2500 word long essay which consist all the achievement made by students during their engineering. It is a form of essay which start with the project, company or organisation you have worked for.

Every career episode consists of four sections and you need to explain them accordingly

Introduction section should not exceed more than 100 was and it should cover all the project dates, location, duration, result organisation name etc.

The background section is an essential part of career episode essay writing and it must be between 200 to 500-word count. It is a section where you describe the contents of what you were working on at that time.

Now you need to write personal engineering activity and the word count for the section is 500 to 1000  words. It is a section where you explain all the challenges which you faced during your engineering and how did you manage to overcome from them.

In the end,  you need to write a summary of your career episode that should highlight all the competencies related to engineering. Never forget to number your paragraph and you should follow all the engineers Australian guidelines properly

Mention all the achievement which you made during your engineering at the end of the carrier episode section. This section also includes the project output and goal you met. In case you are failing to prepare these episodes, try taking CDR Report writing help online.

Summary Statement

It is a section where you provide a summary of your 3 career episode.   add all the engineer’s Australian competency issues That you have faced and you need to provide the cross-references of the paragraph that you mentioned in each career episode.

 Avoid any additional augment in the summary statement.  The main aim of the summary is to provide a brief of your CDR and you should always focus what you want to deliver

The three types of indicators that you must aim to show in a summary statement are:

  • Your engineering knowledge and skills
  • Application of your engineering capabilities
  • Your professional and personal characteristics

Proofreading and editing

Once you are done with all the section of CDR report writing proofread your report once or even twice so that you could eliminate every single possibility of error. Do not forget to check your report for plagiarism even if you have not taken any kind of help from any external or internal sources.  You can use any tool like Turnitin, SafeAssign or Grammarly.

EA is equipped with a sophisticated software system that meant to catch all kind of plagiarism. So if you want to avoid any kind of issue always check your report before submission. 

What not to do in a CDR Report?

Your CDR should be a unique report which describes your technical skills and also throw some light on your personal qualities. Thus, it is crucial for you to attain a positive assessment for CDR in order to move forward with the visa process. Here are some pointers that you can also keep in mind while preparing a CDR and stay away from any unwanted results:

  • Don’t copy paste content from any piece of content from the web or any other write-up. Stay away from plagiarism.
  • Don’t do poor time management. It is a mandate to submit CDR report within a stipulated time.
  • Using unprofessional language is a big “no” while making a CDR. Remember you are preparing a professional report and casual tone is simply uncalled here. Try not to use any language apart from Australian English.
  • If you will use too many technical graphs, irrelevant jargons, detailed numbers or uncalled technical language in your episodes, you will not make a good CDR report. Keep everything in moderation.
  • Don’t get confused while selecting the right occupational role and ANZSCO code.
  • Keep your personal contributions in focus. Don’t highlight team accomplishments more than your personal efforts.
  • Avoid counterfeiting as much as you can no matter what comes your way. Australian specialists will get a negative image of you and your profile if you will use replicated content. If that happens you will be prohibited for a whole year.
  • Unsubstantial cases about your range of abilities and insight are to be stayed away from no matter what. Don’t exclude your organization’s profile completely.

Along with taking care of all these pointers make sure you are picking two factors carefully:

  • Text styles
  • Designing of report

Coming up with a CDR may be easy but getting it validated as per the rules given by the concerned organization is tough. So, make sure you don’t miss on anything.

Documents that you may need to submit with a CDR report

  • IELTS or TOEFL iBT result
  • Updated Resume or CV
  • Recent passport-size photo
  • Name Change documentation (if applicable)
  • The page of your current passport with your photo and name on it
  • Complete and official academic transcript
  • Academic degree certificate
  • Documentary Evidences of Employment for the last one year (employment as mentioned in Career Episodes you mention in CDR Report)
  • Professional Registration Certificate (if applicable)


This was the complete procedure of CDR report writing. I hope with the help of this blog now you can effectively deal with the complexity of CDR report writing. We have covered everything about CDR report writing in this blog but still, if you want some more detail about this topic you can follow our latest article on CDR report writing service in Australia.

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