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Hospitality Management At TAFE

Hospitality management is a career line full of opportunities. The networking opportunities is the most wonderful among them. Moreover, the world of hospitality and tourism is a great match for individuals with an interest in food, communication skills, creativity, and who like connecting with people. Whether you are willing to study hospitality management or want to learn more about the industry, this blog is going to be of great help. My Assignment Help Line has tried to sum up some important information about the hospitality industry and related careers for you.

Studying hospitality management has become easy now, a great thanks to technical and further education (TAFE). Once you have a degree in hospitality management, your job can be a passport to the world. Simply, this means that you can connect to people around the world with the opportunities this course provides. From directing special events to owning chains of hotels, anything is possible with the degree of hospitality management at TAFE. However, amidst the ocean of dynamic career options, these are just tiny drops. Reportedly, it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Moreover, above 250 million people are employed in this industry around the globe. Let us read more about the wide range of careers hospitality management has to offer.

Hospitality Management and Educational Requirement at TAFE

The study of the hospitality industry is called hospitality management. It is inclusive of event planning, cruise line, lodging, theme parks, transportation, etc. Moreover, it also includes fields within tourism, maritime, and aviation. If you are a part of this industry then your responsibility is to make a home away from home. The job profiles in the industry can vary from a director to something like a chamber-maid. Hence, it is one of the best careers you can choose. If you desire to have a career in hospitality management, you can pursue a degree course. You can start it when you pass your secondary education with a minimum of 50% marks. Additionally, if you fail to fulfil this parameter then you can go to the certificate and diploma courses.

There are various institutes offering the courses. Moreover, TAFE has a range of courses in this vibrant and fast-paced industry. The courses and degree at TAFE will help you accelerate your career. Furthermore, it makes you capable of managing a hotel, starting your own business, or working under the industry. Apart from hospitality management, there is a number of other courses for which you can choose TAFE. For example, you can get early childhood education and care qualification from TAFE to work for child development. Therefore, whatever your choice is, TAFE has an educational course for everyone.

How Hospitality Management and Hotel Management Are Different?

There is a very clear difference that appears in the name itself. However, both are often confused with each other. The major difference is scope. Hotel management is a limited industry that covers only hotels. However, hospitality management is vast. It includes everything starting from lodging to entertainment. With a degree in hospitality management, you can work for hotels. On the contrary, with a degree in hotel management, your options are typically limited to hotels.

Different Courses in Hospitality Management That TAFE offers

If you are studying hospitality management at TAFE, you can further your passion for food and drinks. Moreover, you learn to apply your expertise in a professional setting. The courses that TAFE offers in this sector embraces your practical skills. Alongside, it develops the background knowledge for better customer service and other organizational tasks. These courses are fine-tuned with the industry partners. First, TAFE has an ‘Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management.’ Further, it has certificate courses like Certificate I, II, III, and IV in Hospitality.

Listed below are some short courses in hospitality that TAFE offers:

Statement of Attainment in:

  • Hospitality Kitchen Essentials
  • Cookery Skills
  • Hospitality
  • Introduction to Hospitality
  • Hospitality Compliance
  • Cookery Skills for Work
  • Hospitality Skills
  • Introduction to Cookery Skills
  • Hospitality – Start-Up
  • Cookery Pre-Apprenticeship – NICI
  • Hospitality Service Skills
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Installer License
  • Hospitality (Clean Premises/Equipment and Prepare Guest Rooms)
  • Espresso Coffee
  • Food and Beverage Skills
  • Barista and Customer Service
  • Cafe Essentials
  • Introduction to Cafe Skills
  • Baking (Maintain Ingredient Stores and Produce Sponge Cake Products)
  • Creative Arts (Source/Use Information on the Events Industry and Address Protocol Requirements)
  • Food Handling
  • Getting Started in the Events Industry
  • Food Safety Supervision
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Defence Preparation English
  • Espresso Coffee Making Skills
  • Defence Preparation Science
  • Responsible Conduct of Gambling

TAFE Statement in

  • Basic Barista Skills
  • Advanced Barista Skills
  • Cocktail Making
  • Liquor Licensee Course
  • Liquor Licensee Course (Advanced)

In addition to this, there are other courses offered worldwide apart from TAFE. These are the combination of theory lectures with skill development sessions. The emphasis is heavily on practical experience to prepare individuals for upcoming challenges. Being a student, if you face the challenge of bombarded assignments then call for assignment help from professionals. Given below is the information of degree courses, diploma courses, and certificate courses respectively worldwide.

Job Opportunities With Hospitality Management Qualification

Doing a course in hospitality management can lead to numerous job opportunities. The focus of the course is on a variety of industries. Moreover, the job options range from food, wine pairing to management. Every lecture and class you attend during the course is important. Because it exposes you to a variety of future career options. Moreover, we have outlined a few job options sorted by the industries mentioned below.

  • Guest Relations
  • Food and Beverage
  • Tourism
  • Event Planning
  • Entertainment and Leisure

However, these are not the only options available. The hospitality industry is progressing every day. So as the job opportunities.

Hospitality jobs in guest relations

  • Front office manager
  • Directors of housekeeping
  • Sommelier

Hospitality jobs in food and beverage

  • Restaurant manager
  • Catering assistant
  • Sous chef

Hospitality jobs in tourism

Hospitality jobs in event planning

  • In-house event planner
  • Conference organizer
  • Bridal consultant

Hospitality jobs in entertainment and leisure

  • Casino host
  • Spa director
  • Theme Park manager

The journey of landing a job in any of the aforementioned options can be quite tough with academic pressure. However, experts can be a great help in such cases. While pursuing your education from TAFE, if you ever feel the pressure like who would do my assignment in Australia, then, there are professionals. Therefore, without enough thought, you can ask them for help. This will leave you with enough time to focus on your development. Hence, spending less time on complex assignments would leave you with enough time to focus on your career.

How to Become a Hospitality Management Expert in 3 Simple Steps?

Once you are done with the course you need to get a good job in the industry. Given below are some important points for you. These actions will put you in a good position to get the job. Moreover, it will make you competitive over other applicants.

  1. Getting a right degree, diploma, or certificate in hospitality is the foremost requirement. TAFE is one such options as it is recognized. Apart from TAFE, if you choose any other medium then make sure it has networking opportunities.
  2. Next is to develop your skills while pursuing the course. There are multiple ways in which you can do it. For example, watching videos, listening to relevant podcasts, and engaging with right individuals and leaders on social media.
  3. Last but not the least, networking with targeted brands online is helpful. Social media is a good way to networks while sitting at home. Moreover, it helps you build direct connections.

Apart from these three actions, you can attend virtual conferences and other networking opportunities.

Reasons to Study Hospitality Management

A career in the hospitality industry is immensely rewarding. There are employment options at different levels. From an industry professional to a business leader, the hospitality industry has a lot to offer. Let us read about the reasons why choosing hospitality management for studying and career can be your best decision. Furthermore, while pursuing an education in hospitality management, choosing instant assignment help to bear academic pressure is another good decision. These services are made to help students. Hence, using it when needed the most is a wise decision.

Major reasons to study hospitality management

  • The industry of hospitality management offers a variety of employment options ranging from travel agencies to entertainment organizers.
  • Secondly the industry has diversity and international exposures.
  • Moreover, hospitality industry is a great way of career progression. There are various ready-made paths that leads you to higher paying positions.
  • One of the most important reasons to study hospitality management is its decent salary. Traditionally the salaries within the industry are lower in comparison to others. But there are some roles that pays you well.
  • The nature of the hospitality industry is creative. You can always come up with innovative and creative ideas. To succeed as managers, it is one of those qualities that you must have.
  • The industry has flexible shifts which gives you a chance to explore yourself as much as you can.
  • There are many renowned hotel chains that offer training programs. This is a great way to combine classroom lecture and training experiences.
  • It is a safe bet. People would always be needing food and water. Hence, hospitality management is something that will never let you down. There are jobs in the industry for each one of you.
  • The industry is a new day new challenge. No two days will be same. Everyday is a new challenge with new people.
  • As far as the work atmosphere is concerned, it is the vital thing in any workplace. For hospitality industry, unhumble people are never hired. Hence, the work atmosphere is always good with humble people.

These are some of the reasons for which you must choose the hospitality industry to study and work with.

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Significant Tips for Working in Hospitality Industry

If you want to impress hiring managers, here are some tips you should follow. When you go for a job interview in the hospitality industry there are a few things you should take care of. Moreover, these tips can also be helpful if you are already working in the industry. It helps you excel in what you are doing currently and save the position for the long term.

  • Knowing the ins and outs of departments you manage is a great way to start. For example, if you are in hotel industry, you should know about everything from catering to operations. It helps you in unlocking boundaries and bring appraisals.
  • If you hold knowledge about the marketing and business intelligence software, then it is of great help. It makes you efficient for the industry.
  • Keep yourself up to date with news from WHO and the native department of tourism. It would be beneficial in keeping the customers and employees safe.
  • Develop a habit of listening. Collect feedbacks from guests and work on the loopholes.
  • Standardize the daily task workflow of each department. Moreover, focus on training new hires as soon as possible.

Keeping all these points in mind while working in the industry will help you grow faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question. 1. What are the reasons for hospitality?
Answer. 1. There are many reasons why you need a job in the hospitality industry. These are, it helps you in driving your creativity, it promotes a positive mindset, it doesn’t feel like work always, and it is one of the most secure industries.
Question. 2. Why is the hospitality industry important?
Answer. 2. People from around the world is dependent upon the hospitality industry to provide happy and comfortable experiences and services. For travellers, knowing that there is a safe and comfortable place to stay when I land at a destination is significant. This feeling is essential to start any journey.

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